Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Writing Desk

My writing desk is a space in my tiny apartment that I share with my boyfriend. I cherish my writing desk, sometimes it’s the breakfast table, sometimes it’s the dinner table. Its purpose depends on the time of day but mostly it’s my writing desk. The place I seek to improve my writing skills, to complete my novel, post weekly on my blog, enter writing contest and submit short stories. My writing desk is not fancy, it’s probably made of plywood. Sometimes it’s not sturdy if I lean on it, deep in thought as I often do. I know that sometime in the future my writing desk give up on me, one leg at a time. But for now my writing desk is here with me day and night and in-between.

Pssst… Sometimes I do my writing on my coach, but don’t you dare tell my writing desk.

Mercedes Cruz

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  1. Seems like you have a desk for all seasons! Felicidades! May it bring you much success! #LatinasWriteRomance